5 questions for sustainable brands: MONTANGO

With the outdoor, active, nature-loving people in mind, they create small series and patterns that promote their Slovenian home mountains and culture. Their goal is to make high-quality sustainable products that serve their purpose and look good, by using high-quality Italian performance sport fabrics and Econyl regenerated ocean waste fabric with spectacular technical properties as well as planet-friendly production. This is Montango.

5 questions for sustainable brands: wildling shoes

Wildling Shoes are a sustainable shoe company from Germany that produces minimal shoes with an intention to positively impact people and the planet. From wild feet in Israel to the first minimalist shoe. This is their story and message.

5 questions for sustainable brands: MIRET eco sneakers

MIRET Croatian ecological sneakers – made from 97% natural materials. Driven by our dedication and desire to make things right we’ve combined the strongest natural fibers to craft comfortable sneakers ensuring minimal environmental impact in each tiniest detail.

5 Questions for sustainable brands: neža žehelj jewellery

Neža Žehelj is a Slovenian jewellery brand named by the artist herself – goldsmith and jewellery designer Neža. She designs unique handcrafted contemporary jewellery within intersection of art, fashion and design. Her jewellery pieces interpret lost and found stories conceptually plugged into released jewellery collections and one of a kind wearable pieces of art.

5 questions for sustainable brands: mila.vert

Mila.Vert is a Slovenian brand that makes high quality, beautiful and timeless pieces. All items are made on-demand and can be customised to individual body measurements. They are one of the leading brands in the fair and sustainable fashion industry in Slovenia and I am proud to share this interview with you during this Fashion Revolution Week.

5 questions for sustainable brands: goodwill

Before the Fashion revolution week starts on 19th of April I´m happy to introduce some amazing sustainable fashion brands in my 5 questions for sustainable brands. This gives customers, as well as other sustainable brands, the chance to learn from each other, maybe even connect and help each other out. Transparency and collaboration. Introducing Slovenian brand Goodwill.

eco-friendly dog products

Dogs are the best, let´s start with that. And as dog parents, we have a great honour to pick up their poop, feed them, wash them, pet them, cuddle, …. but we also have a responsibility to take care of the environment and to keep our dog´s paw print as low as possible. And sometimes we need a little help choosing the right and really eco products.

5 QUESTIONS for sustainable brands: MONTREET

5 questions for sustainable brands is my way to introduce sustainable brands and give them a chance to share their goals, struggles, plans and wins. So customers, as well as other sustainable brands, can learn from each other, maybe even connect and help each other out. Transparency and collaboration. Introducing Montreet.

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CRYO – photos of the frozen world

Photos started as pure love and fascination with ice. They stayed untouched on my computer for more than a year. And have now became my tribute to melting glaciers, cryosphere and the frozen continent I always dreamed of visiting.

Guide to Impact Marketing

What is impact or cause marketing and how can it become a core pillar of your brand. Many brands who don’t have an impact marketing strategy have started to develop one. Others who already have one are working on improving them. 2021 is a year to get your company on board, but the right way. Here are some info how you can do that.


Where life stops, phones get empty, there is no wifi or TV. Where we rely on suns energy to power our house and bodies. Where people talk again, stay outdoors the whole day and cook together. Where life is simple.

22 clean skincare brands recommended by my instagram community

Since I am not the right person to ask about skincare products. I asked my Instagram community to help me out. An Oh my! they did. I love to see how many of you are passionate about skin products and clean, natural cosmetics. So here are some of the brands and products you all suggested.