“So, why don´t you eat meat?”

If we are trying to reduce our car use, limit the amount of water we waste, become more ‘energy-efficient’ and generally lessen our environmental impact, we must also examine the most important factor of our personal ecological footprint: what we eat. Here are 5 reasons why I´m vegan for cca. 5-6 years and why my passion for it is only getting stronger.

You know things are bad when I (finally) write about veganism

My priorities a consumer and a human are to not harm anything or anybody with my choices, create less waste and choose the healthiest options for myself. That´s why I try to buy as many used products as I can, avoid food waste and make sure to choose cruelty free (animal or human) products when buying anything new. We are knee deep in climate crisis and it´s time to talk about this.

〰 How big is my Carbon Footprint?

The bigger your carbon footprint is, the bigger your moral duty, the bigger your platform, the bigger your responsibility.

〰 Fashion revolution 〰 Love stories

Our clothes have gone on a long journey before they hit store shelves, passing through the hands of cotton farmers, spinners, weavers, dyers, sewers and others. Those people deserve fair pay and safe working conditions, and the clothes we own deserve our love and care.

〰 Our planet needs us to change 〰 Earth day and Fashion revolution week

In this time of a climate crisis, plastic pollution and rise of veganism, there is also a rise of people that give a damn (yay for the last one). But unfortunately, brands are increasingly using sustainability as a marketing tool to sell their products to that “target group”. Some of them might be sustainable, some not. But the reality is we can not solve pollution by replacing one single-use product for another, one piece of clothing for another, wrap all processed vegan products in plastic….

〰 A better world starts at home 〰 Eco cleaning

And this is not one of those perfect “zero waste” posts where I would tell you I never use any plastic and clean only with coconut shell and homemade soap. I wish I would be on that level but I´m not. My home is not always clean and I have a puppy that thinks she is a beaver. But this is my low waste, non-toxic, simple and honest cleaning.

The true cost of flying

Don´t worry, I will not tell you to stop flying, to stop travelling. I will not shame you for taking a trip to Bali every year. That is up to you to decide. I would just like you to know the real price of your flights, of all your flights. And that you are not …

Earth month series 〰 Climate Change

I wish there was no need to write this series, I wish there was no need to write about climate change, saving the earth or using earth-friendly products. I wish they would just be normal, healthy products we all use. And I wish we could talk about coffee and dogs instead. But unfortunately, that is …

Sustainable gift guide for more or less eco-conscious people

I scrolled through a lot of eco/sustainable/green gift guides and most of them had very similar products; from reusable coffee mugs, water bottles, vegan cookbooks, …. everything an eco-conscious human would probably be happy to get. What about the not-so-eco-conscious people? How and what can you buy for them and still make the environmentalist in you happy?