Earth month series 〰 Climate Change

I wish there was no need to write this series, I wish there was no need to write about climate change, saving the earth or using earth-friendly products. I wish they would just be normal, healthy products we all use. And I wish we could talk about coffee and dogs instead. But unfortunately, that is …

Sustainable gift guide for more or less eco-conscious people

I scrolled through a lot of eco/sustainable/green gift guides and most of them had very similar products; from reusable coffee mugs, water bottles, vegan cookbooks, …. everything an eco-conscious human would probably be happy to get. What about the not-so-eco-conscious people? How and what can you buy for them and still make the environmentalist in you happy?

Dirty sugar industry 〰 Why and how I quit eating sugar

Sugar is everywhere and it´s extremely addictive. Next to making us addicted and unhealthy (like that is not bad enough) it´s is also bad for the environment and the people involved in the production. Let´s me explain why.

My ocean friendly toiletry kit – Hvar edition

With so many products on the market, it´s really hard to make the right decision today. What´s really natural or eco. Is the product really green, or is the colour of the box the only thing green about it. I thought it might be useful if I share with you all the low waste, diy and natural products I use for my skin and hair.

HVAR Fall Playlist

I have been loving my new Hvar Playlist. I thought I should spread the good vibes and share it with you, good idea right? Easy songs, just like island life is.

Instagram Playlist 8/18

I asked you all on my Instagram for your favorite song. And here they are, all 34 of your favorite songs   Have fun dancing around