What I packed for Hvar – or how I travel light

“Packing for vacation is so stressy and takes me forever.” naaah not at all. Life just became so much easier with having and wanting less stuff. So here what I packed for my vacation and I hope it helps you to start traveling lighter as well.

Exploring Dolomites and South Tyrol

I finally found myself driving to The Dolomites and don´t worry I took plenty of photos for you. So go on a journey with me and check out all the beautiful places I´ve visited in South Tyrol.


They say you are not true Slovene if you haven´t climbed Triglav, Slovenian highest mountain (2,864 meters high). That my Slovenian nationality is questionable, I already know, but I have no idea how come I made it to so many mountain tops in Slovenia and other countries, but not Triglav. Shame on me. And under Triglav, …


A few weeks ago I went back to my beautiful island of Hvar. Since I decided to not drive there, the trip got funny pretty fast and ended with a hike across the island. Here is my story and video of my trip.


One of my decisions on the beginning of the year was, that I´m gonna put together a video longer than 1min. If 8-year-olds can have a Youtube channels, I should at least be able to put a video together. Well, I definitely learned that those kids are crazy and that I will need to edit …


This is what happens if you say Yes to after work adventure and spend the night under the stars. It´s up to you how you want to use your free time, just don´t complain later. Sometimes I just wanna sit inside and do some work for this blog and I love it as much as going out and doing this…

Goodbye neoprene – welcome Patagonia Yulex wetsuit

Patagonia’s mission is to build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. And with that in mind, they created their line of Yulex natural rubber wetsuits. There was no doubt which one I will buy.

My favourite beaches of island Hvar

As you might have noticed I was gone for a while and if you follow me on Instagram you know where I was hiding. And that is – my amazing island Hvar in Croatia. And I would love to share with you all my favourite beaches of my island. MALA STINIVA Located on the North side o …

How to do a low-waste shopping

After making a decision to shop with less plastic almost a year ago (7 days of zero waste), I prepared and packed a bunch of reusable bags and jars and headed out on my first zero waste shopping adventure. Don’t forget I live in a very small mountain town. I felt great and determined to …