“Packing for vacation is so stressy and takes me forever.” naaah not at all. Packing for Hvar honestly takes me 5min and I still usually bring a few thing that I don’t use. Since I really downsized my closet, packing and putting an outfit together takes me literally minutes. 

Life just became so much easier with having and wanting less stuff.

So here is what I packed for my 9-day vacation on island Hvar, Croatia. I do need to add that my plan is not to party or go out for dinner every night. I just need at least 2-3 outfits to go to civilization if case we ran out of food. Other than that I plan to stay in my bikini as much as possible. 

And do you remember how I walked over the island last time, with all my stuff on my back? That’s why I´m packing even lighter this time. 


1. My friend’s old hat, just because it´s gonna be 40C   2. My boyfriends CHPO sunglasses (with my room in reflection)

3. My mom´s old scarf and a headband   …….  I kinda sound like a thief right now.


           4. Old tank top       5. Even older white tank top         6. Favorite black dress     7. My new 2nd hand Weekday skirt


8. Tinka Blue bikini   9. 2nd hand Speedo swimsuit  10. old shorts    11. sports bra     12. Patagonia Yulex Spring wetsuit (I really wanna stay in the sea for as long as possible so I might take the wetsuit with me.


13. A bag that my friend made me  14. Organi cup – menstrual cup (more about this life changing product soon)  15. Bamboo toothbrush 16. Wooden comb 17. Birkengold tooth chalk 18. DIY Deo: mix of salt, bicarbonate soda, water, and tea tree oil in an old spray.  + I forgot to add some body oil, razor and a piece of a soap bar. For shampoo, I plan to use rye flour.


19. My Nikon 5500 + Nikkor 18-55mm lens (+ charger of course)  …. this is a 500€ set if you are looking for a good basic camera. I might upgrade one day, but for now, it will do. If you are following my Instagram stories you would know that I good caught by heavy rain on the mountain on the weekend and the camera got soaked. But after leaving it to dry for 2 days, it works!

The strap is an old one from eBay – nothing fancy.


20. McBook Pro (+ charger)  and Herschel laptop case   21. External hard drive in a hand made case that a friend made for me


So here it is, my big Hvar packing list. The only thing that is missing on the photo is one cotton bag (for shopping or anything else)  and a small pack of socks & underwear and of course shoes that I´ll be wearing on my trip (otherwise I hope I don´t need to wear shoes while I´m on Hvar). Did I forget to pack anything? I will let you know.

All packed and ready to go. I promise my backpack is not as dirty as it looks here 🙂

Now wish me luck, I´m going to 40C.Mateja


*Herschel is as far as I know, not sustainable Canadian company. I had this backpack for around 3-4 years and the Herschel laptop bag (on the photo above) was a gift. 

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