My favourite beaches of island Hvar

As you might have noticed I was gone for a while and if you follow me on Instagram you know where I was hiding. And that is – my amazing island Hvar in Croatia. And I would love to share with you all my favourite beaches of my island.



Located on the North side o the island close to village Poljica, 17km from town Jelsa. Take the road from Jelsa to Sucuraj and turn left when you see the sigh M. Stiniva. The last part of the road is a bit narrow and the parking spots in the bay are limited. But you will definitely go speechless when you arrive around the corner and see this crazy blue clear sea and amazing cliffs in the background. There is a little path that will take you to the beach. I have to warn you, there is a beach with the biggest amount of plastic I´ve seen on Hvar. It makes me crazy and I hope you can help me spread the word that they need to organize a clean-up. If they give me a big truck I will gladly do it alone 🙂 But we are here because of the amazing cliffs, rocks and the little beach behind the corner.

I paddled there with my SUP while others climbed the rocks to get there, of course, you can also swim there. The see is deep and cliffs are perfect for jumping or scuba diving. It´s on out list every time we visit the island.



Located on the South side of the island, Sveta Nedjelja or hot the locals call it Sveta Nedilja is the last village that you can reach from that side if you with a concrete road.

And as you can see I spent my last vacation with boys, so there was a lot of cliff jumping involved. And Sveta Nedjelja is perfect for that. In summer you will need to squeeze between all the couples that wanna take the photo next to this tree, but if you come in preseason like we did, you have this place for yourself.


 Yes, he jumped.


If you take the path that goes from the jumping spot to the other side, you will soon come to this nice little beach. And behind it, you can already see the cliffs that are part of the best climbing spots on the island – Cliffbase (around 500m from the port/tree).


You will need to take the rocky road that goes from Sveta Nedjelja to Hvar to reach this amazing beach. If you see the sign that the road is close, it means that the last part is still closed like it was last week, so you will not be able to join the main road to Hvar when you arrive at the end of this road. But don´t worry, for this amazing beach you need to drive only a few km. You will need to park next to the road and walk down to the beach.

There is even a stream of drinking water running through the middle of the beach.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


If the previously mentioned road is opened it will bring you straight to this beach. If not you can take the road Jelsa-Stari Grad- Hvar and you will see the beach after you drive out of the Hvar tunnel. It´s definitely the most famous one on the island and they call it also the most beautiful on the island. I would not go that far (scroll down) hehe, but it´s definitely stunning. If you visit the island in July-August you will definitely not be alone there. You can not drive down to the beach, so you will need to park next to the road and take the 300m path down to the beach. In the season there is a nice restaurant and a bar there, serving amazing smoothies, juices, and coffees, but be aware that the prices are adjusted to Hvar tourism.



South side of the island has a lot of great beaches and bays where you can be alone. One of them is this one, located near village Gromindolac. The process is the same- park next to the road and take a walk down to the beach. Just don´t forget to bring some water (preferably in a reusable bottle) and some sunscreen.



Definitely, the favorite one of them all is the beach in front of our house. It´s always empty and always amazing. Sometimes the sea is calm, sometimes you can almost surf. I know every rock there, out and under the sea. And every morning I´m grateful gratefull I can call it mine… well technically you can´t own a beach in Croatia and but you know what I mean, it´s there our front yard 🙂


Hope you visit Hvar and experience the magic of this island. There are maaaany amazing beaches on this island. Maybe I will keep a few of them a secret, but the rest I can share with you in some other post. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.


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