7 day challenges

You know the feeling when a motivation wave hits you and you are convinced that from this moment on you will exercise every day, but somehow 4 days later your motivation is not that strong anymore and all the excuses are getting stronger? But what if you twist it around and make it fun.

25 Sustainable Gift Ideas

Giving gifts should be fun and thoughtful and environmentally friendly gesture of love and friendship. But somehow it turned into heavy consumerism, pollution and stress. Here is how you can make some gifts at home and keep your holidays sustainable and creative.

How sustainable is snowboarding?

As the percentage of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere rises, our planet heats up. Glaciers melt. Seasons blend together as winters become warmer. What are we-snowboarders doing about it and are we making it worse?

GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag puts a stop to micro waste

Synthetic materials are poisoning our environment. When we think about this problem, images of plastic bottles and plastic bags come to mind, but synthetic textiles are a big part of the problem, too. The Guppyfriend washing bag filters out the tiniest microfibers released from textiles during washing.

The new period – menstrual cup

Ladies, there are options, green options available for us now. From menstrual cups, reusable pads, period panties, sea sponge tampons. If you just made a Naaaah. face, or even Eeeww! I don´t blame you, I was not convinced the first time I heard about them either. But hopefully, you will continue reading and give this or some other alternative a try.

Beginner’s Guide to Simple Living

I strive to have a simple life. I don´t like chaos, clutter, having a lot of things. I like my living space and space in my head to be clutter free, organized and happy. It´s not always easy, but it´s always possible. I want to share with you some of the basics steps to more simple living.

SUNDAY READING: Environmental Melancholia

The times are tough for those who care about the environment. After reading all the news I can´t help myself from feeling lost, terrified and unable to help. People seem not to care if it´s not happening in front of their home. Or maybe they just keep it to themselves. I hope it´s the second …

Wait, what? Now there is plastic in my tea too?

About 70-80% of tea bags are made from compostable paper while the remaining 20-30% contains heat-resistant polypropylene. This is to prevent the breaking of the bag, but it does mean that small pieces of plastic mesh are left behind in the soil when you compost the bags. This is just something the brands will never share with us. 


My way of showing you that we all fail sometimes. Hope they make you feel a little bit better, give you some hope and a push to give it a try. Going zero waste doesn´t happen over night. It takes time and a lot of researching, especially if you don´t live in a city and your options are limited. It´s about trying your best. It´s about producing less waste. Every plastic that we avoid buying matters.

Independent one girl brand: PIRATE PIŠKA

Wellcome to new series, dedicated to amazing, strong, creative and successful women. There have so many girl bosses on my list, from clothing designers, furniture designers, artists, company owners, photographers,… you get my point. They inspire, they amaze and they rule. Today I present you an amazing designer and apparel creator Tjaša Križnar or PIRATE PIŠKA.