The times are tough for those who care about the environment. After reading all the news I can´t help myself from feeling lost, terrified and unable to help. People seem not to care if it´s not happening in front of their home. Or maybe they just keep it to themselves. I hope it´s the second one. Because I really don´t understand how young families don´t care what world and conditions are their kids are gonna live in. Earth might become uninhabitable in their lifetime.

If you also have a case of climate anxiety right now, it´s important that we do something to help every day, never give up and try not to be too aggressive about it when talking to others (I know this one is hard). Because that approach never works (read the first article).

I don´t wanna ruin your day with my blog, but I guess if you are here, you care about this topic. I know it´s a lot easier to ignore all of it and not read about the sad reality of dying nature, endangered animals, oil spills, hurricanes, and floods. But I think we should be informed on the latest news and facts, so we can inform others too. Here are some interesting articles I read lately:



Climate anxiety doesn’t have to ruin your life. Here’s how to manage it // Grist

Greek oil spill forces closure of Athens beaches  // The Guardian

New study by Orb Media about plastic in our water // Orb Media

Discover how much plastic is our drinking water  //Parley

Yes, climate change made Harvey and Irma worse // CNN

These Companies Are Most Influential in Climate Policy Debates // Bloomberg

Spectacular rebirth of Belize’s coral reefs threatened by tourism and development //  The Guardian

Heading to Venice? Don’t forget your pollution mask //The Guardian


B L O G S 

Why I Quit Being an Ethical Purist or struggles of a conscious consumer // Stylewise blog

Daria Daria relaunch of new blog page, podcast, and Éthical clothing line // Daria Daria

What if All I Want is A Mediocre Life? // A life in progress



Does H&M’s new brand Arket’s transparency matter at all if consumers don’t understand it and if there is no third-party that monitors it? // Quartz

How Forever 21 and other retailers avoid liability for factories that underpay workers to sew their clothes.  // LA Times

Your Clothes Might Be Destroying The Rainforest // Fast company

Why we should ban glitter, just like we banned microbeads  // Mother Nature Network


G O O D    N E W S

Google Trends shows 90% increase in ‘vegan’ searches in 2016  // Vegan food and living

Carrying a plastic bag in Kenya is now punishable with jail time // Quartz

80 affordable ethical fashion brands // Wonder Wardrobe

Just remember to try your best and never lose hope. We can do this together.

We can do this together.


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