Yes, I do realize that I always visiting and living in some pretty great locations. From Slovenia, island Hvar to Austrian mountains. We don’t choose where we are born or where our ancestors were born or build houses. But we can choose where we are going to live. More about where and why I moved (and will probably move in the future) some other time. But wherever I go, I´ll be happy to show you around my neighborhood. And today I present to you the Mirror lake and its surroundings.

Reiteralm- Where the tour starts

On the road, Schladming-Altenmarkt (highway direction Salzburg/Villach) take the exit Pichl-Preunegg and drive up on Reiteralmstraße. If you don´t have a Summer card (that you get if you stay in apartments and hotels in the area) you will need to pay 3€ per person to drive up to Reiteralm. The path starts next to Reiteralmsee Lake and it´s a really easy Sunday hike that elevates from 1700m to 1900m.

Untersee Lake

The path continues above Untersee Lake that is easily reachable through the woods from Reiteralmsee Lake. We decided to get a good view of it from above.


After about 45min hike (told you already I´m bad with keeping a track of time) you will reach Spiegelsee. If you are lucky there will be no wind and the lake will stand still to offer the most beautiful reflection of Dachstein glacier.

Tip: Hide your food, these little fellas know what they are doing.

Continue up the path on the right side of the lake and it will take you above the lake and up to Rippetegg on one side and Gasselhöhe on the other. From Gasselhöhe the path will take you back to the Reiteralm. The full map of the Reiteralm, Spiegelsee, Gasselhöhe, Rippetegg tour is available on Bergfex.


Go out there, explore and have fun.


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