Dirty sugar industry 〰 Why and how I quit eating sugar

Sugar is everywhere and it´s extremely addictive. Next to making us addicted and unhealthy (like that is not bad enough) it´s is also bad for the environment and the people involved in the production. Let´s me explain why.

My ocean friendly toiletry kit – Hvar edition

With so many products on the market, it´s really hard to make the right decision today. What´s really natural or eco. Is the product really green, or is the colour of the box the only thing green about it. I thought it might be useful if I share with you all the low waste, diy and natural products I use for my skin and hair.

HVAR Fall Playlist

I have been loving my new Hvar Playlist. I thought I should spread the good vibes and share it with you, good idea right? Easy songs, just like island life is.

Instagram Playlist 8/18

I asked you all on my Instagram for your favorite song. And here they are, all 34 of your favorite songs   Have fun dancing around  

How we can all be modern everyday activists

Why convenience at the expense of the planet is not convenient at all. And why we need to make it clear to the companies that the reason we don´t wanna buy their shit is that it´s packed or made from plastic.+ My weekend in photos