I´m lucky enough to call mountains my home. And as I share most of my hikes with you through Instagram, I really write a blog post about it. Some of you lovely people wanted to visit the Schladming area and were asking me for some nice tours. There are so many hiking tours around this area and I´ve probably did only a small percent of them. As I started to put them all together I realized this list will be way too long and splitting it into a few parts is more than necessary. Here is part 1, which includes some of my favorite tours and lakes. 

Riesach Falls and Riesachsee – Wilde Wasser

I will start this with an easy family tour to Riesachsee. It´s a short drive (bus or car) from Schladming to Rohrmoos Untertal area. The drive takes you through Rohrmoos and valleys of Untertal. There is enough to see on the way already, so stop and explore the area. When you reach the main parking place, you can take two paths up to the lake. One is a road (biking not allowed) and it´s the easiest way up. And the other way are the metal stairs, hanging bridge, epic views, more stairs. Both paths take you up to Riesachsee. Take a walk to the other side of the lake, it´s definitely worth seeing it from the other side. 

Where to eat (I´m all about food): Weisse Wand Alm for ice tea (no straw) and vegan ginger-carrot soup. The portions are really big, keep that in mind.

More about the trip on bergwelten

Spiegel see – Rippetegg

Not so while ago I wrote about this trip, so you can read it on the link below. Spiegelsee is really worth visiting. And even if you are not that fit or a bit on the lazy side you can slowly (cca.45min) make it up there. But for the great view, I suggest a round trip to the Rippetegg top. 

More details and photos from this trip RIGHT HERE.


Well hidden in Rohrmoser Obertal in Styria, the picturesque mountain lake is one of the most beautiful in the Schladminger Tauern. 

From the parking lot of the Eschachalm, you first head north over the hiking trail no. 775 pass the waterfall of the Duisitzkarbach steeply uphill through the high forest. After about 45 minutes you reach the Saghütten and march in tight serpentines up and up until after 1:30 you leave the forest and reach the open basin of the Duisitzkar. The mountain panorama of the Murspitzen (2,333 m), Rotmandlspitze (2,453 m) and Krukeck (2,428 m) is reflected in the smooth surface of the lake – pure kitsch! Here you can rest, swim, have a snack and just enjoy the beauty of the landscape or make a small circuit around the lake.

Duration: 3,5 h

More about the trip on bergwelten.

Styrian Bodensee & Hüttenseen

It took me a few years to actually visit this lake, no special reason. And although we thought we are going to go only to the second lake, we ended up going all the way to the top and it was so worth it.

From the parking lot in the Seewigtal, it goes on a flat gravel road valley to Bodensee. At the lake, keep left and follow the shore path past the Forellenhof to the valley station of a cable car. From here, the path climbs and leads upwards in tight serpentines with waterfalls on the left.  After one and a half hours, the Hans-Wödl-Hütte is reached at 1,528 m. 
The path takes you than to the other side of the lake and up to Hüttensee.

Duration: 4,5 h

More about the trip on bergwelten.


The  Guttenberghaus is located at 2,146 m. The ascent of Ramsau am Dachstein is very varied and can be completed in about 3 hours. It´s also the starting point for various climbing routes that run through the Dachstein massif. For example, you can go directly to the Austria via ferrata or the Jubiläumsklettersteig.

Duration: 3 h

More about the trip on bergwelten.

Last year we decided to spend a night up there. You can read all about it RIGHT HERE.


Silberkarklamm in Ramsau is just beautiful. From the car park Silberkarklamm you go into the canyon. Through the wild canyon with its vertical walls and thunderous water, the trail leads through the canyon and up to the Silberkarhütte (1,250 m).

You can also choose one of the two via ferratas (Hias or Rosina) in the Silberkarklamm.

On the end, you can jump into the beautiful ice cold water to refresh.

Duration: 2,25 h cca 1h to get to thSilberkarhütte.

More about the trip on bergwelten.


  • Vegan guide to Schladming 
  • ask your hotel/apartment or Summer card, it includes free road (to Spiegelsee for instance), gondola rides (Planai, Dachstein, Reiteralm for Spiegelsee tour), lake entries (Pichl, Ramsau beach, Aich), mini golf Schladming …
  • bus timetable
  • weather in the mountains is unpredictable, so always bring a sweater and rain jacket with you and check the weather
  • feel free to invite me for coffee 🙂

I hope you found this tips useful. Part 2 will be coming soon, and if there are any mountains/photos I´ve published and you want to know how to find them, just let me know or leave a comment below.

Thank you and hope you had a nice weekend,



*not sponsored by Bergwelten or anyone else 🙂 Although if somebody could send me new hiking boots that would be awesome, thanks

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