When and how I traveled I traveled do Helsinki from Salzburg (AT) in the second week of January. And I bought  Norwegian air return tickets end of October 2016 for a price of 110€. That´s a pretty good deal. You can get a pretty good deal also from London. It seemed everybody wanted to leave Finland […]

Vegan food is pretty big in Finland right now (Yey, for that!) and you could find vegan options in almost every restaurant and coffee place. Here are some places I tried and would more or less recommend. I say less, because I want to share with you also places you might wanna avoid if you want to get a great healthy meal.

I love tiny houses. I love the simplicity and the creative use of small space. I love minimalism and living simple. So I was checking plans, watching videos, photos and researching the whole tiny-house movement that has been now stronger than ever. I knew I wanted to build my own one day and I started to […]

Today is World Oceans Day and this year’s theme is “Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet”. Individuals and organizations across the planet are taking action for prevention of plastic pollution in our ocean. If you think plastic waste in the oceans is only a problems somewhere far far away, please continue reading. It´s here and it´s affecting us all. So please grab some […]

You might know island Hvar from headlines like “The 20 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World”, “Hvar one of ten most beautiful islands in the world“, “Beyonce/Tom Cruise/David Beckham/Prince this-and-that spotted on Hvar”.  “The island’s hub and busiest destination, Hvar Town is estimated to draw around 20,000 people a day in the high season.” Lonely Planet If […]


I’m Mateja, a Slovenian/Croatian lifestyle and documentary photographer based between Schladming, Austria and Island Hvar, Croatia.


Mateja Kordic

Schladming / AT