Mateja is a Slovenian/Croatian lifestyle and documentary film and digital photographer based between Schladming, Austria and Island Hvar, Croatia. She has years of experience in the photography industry, from photo studio/lab (film photography) to assisting and photographing different editorial and commercial projects. Throughout the past few years, she worked in the outdoor industry (focus on snowboarding) as well as different NGO´s across the Balkans (from environmental activism to NGO´s working in solidarity with displaced people). 

She´s been deeply connected to nature and it´s preservation since she was very young and spending summers on the beach. She has been an active sustainability blogger (blog posts can be found here). She joined  Climate reality leadership training (hosted by Al Gore) in Berlin Germany 2018. And joined Greenpeace Austria on some of their projects. 

Member of New Your Institute of Photography – Photojournalism (2019),  Climate reality leadership (hosted by Al Gore in Berlin, Germany 2018), ASAS Relief and disaster management, ASAS Management of Non-profit organizations, ..

Worked with: Greenpeace NGO, Amnesty International, Collective Aid NGO, Distribute Aid NGO,   No Name Kitchen NGO, Ashbury sunglasses, Blue Tomato, Milicic Oils Hvar, The Discoverer, Cres-Lošinj trail run, Bellabeat, Odori, Plezir magazine, Terasleep, The Other Straw

H O W   C A N  I  H E L P  Y O U  A N D  Y O U R  B U S I N E S S?
1.  L I F E S T Y L E   A N D   D O C U M E N T A R Y   P H O T O G R A P H Y 

Creating emotions through visual storytelling and my knowledge and passion for sustainability I can create lifestyle images that tell your story and win over peoples harts and turn them into loyal customers.

For individuals, companies, brands, tourism offices, NGO´s,.. that would like to have images that represent you in the right and beautiful way.

For sustainable brands that would like to find a photographer that understands sustainability and their natural style, while also creating images that will make you stand out from other sustainable brands. 

From lifestyle, wellbeing to outdoor brands, I can create photoshoot ith your products  {even during this pandemic) in the Austrian mountains {where I live} or beaches of Croatia {where my 2nd home is}.

Behind the scenes photos of your work, studio, people behind your brand or NGO to help you tell your story, show your work and make a difference. Behind the scenes/brand photos can help people to connect to your company and identify with it,  win over their hearts. 

How do I create that result?

  • By listening and understanding your story and image of your company. Understanding your work and brand and what it means to be a sustainable brand and creating the right images that represent your brand best.

  • With understanding the sustainable and outdoor industry and their consumer’s needs and preferences.

  • With creating emotions through visual storytelling, by choosing the right locations and models, I can create images that are right for your brand and your values.

  • With having knowledge and passion for sustainability, outdoor industry, design and storytelling and a good eye for details.

  • With creating photos will make people feel the freedom to explore, discover, go outside, love and connect to nature, feel calm and hopeful and fell in love with your product.

  • With working independently (organizing the photoshoot, models, make-up, video if needed…) on a different location from Austrian Alps (where I´m based) to Slovenian Alps (where I come from) and Croatian islands (where I have a remote beach house that is a perfect summer photoshoot location and my 2nd home). 

“Digital and film photography with a touch of adventure, empathy and eco-consciousness”

2.  S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y   C O N S U L T I N G

Connecting small businesses with the tools and resources they need to reduce waste and implement more sustainable, earth-friendly business practices.

The world needs more sustainable practises and brands. The circular economy is the way forward and all the new products we create should be made with that in mind. Production, distribution, and/or consumption of the product should use as little energy as possible and minimize and responsibly dispose of waste. Almost no action is completely free from environmental impact or “zero waste”, but environmentally conscious companies should strive to minimize negative impact. And in a lot of cases that will also result in lowering your costs, due to less waste (bins/containers), lower transport costs of your products (packaging design and material), less material in general (eliminating some material on your packaging, offering refills or packaging returns),… 

Sustainability is a complex topic and constantly changing industry. I can help you keep up with it and choose the right sustainable (waste and money-wise) way for your company.

Today there are, unfortunately, a lot of brands that wat to sell themselves as a lot greener than they really are. Practising so-called greenwashing. And because of that people are becoming more sceptical and are looking for certifications, proof, photos of your production, the origin of materials, sustainability reports, on your page. If you don´t provide that you might end up in the same basket as the greenwashing brands. That´s why providing all that information on your page and being fully transparent is vital for your success. 

if are you are …

a small business owner or part of a non-profit organization that would like to implement more sustainable practices (especially reducing waste) into their business

a start-up creating a new product and don´t know what is the right material, packaging, image to go for as a green sustainable brand.

organising or hosting events, concerts,… and would like to make your event “zero-waste” or as low-waste as possible (when events are part of our lives again)

a sustainable brand that are not sure how to show and communicate their sustainability.

a brand that is looking for ways to be fully transparent with your customers.

a brand that is looking for ways to be more inclusive.

a brand that is not fully sustainable, but would like to improve and work towards becoming that and you don´t know where to start and how to communicate that.

looking for ways to give back to people and non-profit organisations.

an individual looking for ways and solutions to live more sustainably

you are looking for somebody that is …

knowledgeable and passionate about photography and sustainability, outdoor industry, storytelling and unique (analogue film inspired) style, simple, natural and relatable photos.

able to work independently and produce the images or research your brand needs.

creating with their heart for brands with big hearts.

here to make a difference and make people think and act more sustainably. 

in love with photography, creating, telling stories and helping sustainable brands succeed and grow. 

a big believer that stories can inspire, empower and make a difference. From big companies to small businesses and start-ups, NGO´s or passionate individuals, I would love to hear your story and help you share yours.

Let’s connect and make your business and the world a better place together. Send me an email or message through the contact form below and we’ll talk through the process of identifying opportunities to reduce waste and implement sustainable practices in your business. Let´s chat!

3.   C O N T E N T   C R E A T I O N

I also write and do other fun things within the worlds of content creation, creative direction and visual storytelling. From photography to writing captions, blog posts, articles or anything else on sustainability topics. All of my writing is underpinned with meaning, research and easy tips. You can read my previous blog posts here. Or read some of my blog posts for Odori (in Slovenian) here, here and here.  

It is time for your story.

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Let´s make this world a better place together and share stories that deserve and need to be heard.  For work, collaborations, or just a chat, please get in touch through my email or the contact form below.

Stay kind.

Thank you, Mateja

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Mateja Kordic Berufsfotograf, Schladming, Austria